8:00-9:00        Registration/Breakfast/Visit with Vendors ( Generously Sponsored by TBA)             


9:00- 9:45       Benchmarking Flow Cytometric Measurements

                        Lili Wang, Ph.D.

                        National Institute of Standards and Technology


9:45 -10:00     Coffee Break


10:00-10:45     Antibodies and best practices for sample preparation

                         Ruud Hulspas, Ph.D.

                         Cellular Technologies Bioconsulting, LLC


10:45-11:30    Investigating helper T cell development in the thymus

                               Laura Chopp


11:30-12:15     Extracellular Vesicle Detection: Problems, Pitfalls and Solutions

                        John Tigges, Ph.D.

                        Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


12:15-13:30     Lunch/ Visit with Vendors ( Generously Sponsored by Beckman Coulter)


13:30 -14:15     New lasers for flow cytometry:  Pushing into the ultraviolet and Infrared

                         William Telford, Ph.D.


14:15- 15:00   Approaches and challenges of using flow cytometry in cancer immunology

                        Ernesto Perez-Chanona, Ph.D.                  


15:00-15:30      Afternoon Coffee Break ( Generously sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec)


15:30-16:00      MACSQuant X: Robust performance from single tubes through stacks of 384 well plates

                         Caleph B. Wilson, Ph.D.

                          Miltenyi Biotec, Inc.

16:00-16:30      Immunophenotyping Viral infected cells by Flow in situ hybridization 

                         Basile Siewe Ph.D.

                         Thermo Fisher Scientific


Meeting is adjourned…..