8:00-9:00        Registration/Breakfast/Visit with Vendors ( Generously Sponsored by SONY)             


9:00- 9:50        Precision Immunology Through Deeper, Single Cell Profiling

                         Pratip K. Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.

                         Staff Scientist, ImmunoTechnology Section

                         Vaccine Research Center, NIH        


9:50 -10:20    Coffee Break


10:20-11:10      Application setting: A user perspective

                         Shafiuddin Siddiqui, Ph.D.

                          National Institutes of Health/NCI


11:10-12:00     Staphylococcus aureus α toxin potentiates opportunistic bacterial lung infections.                      

                        Taylor Cohen, Ph.D.                   

                         Medimmune, LLC


12:00-13:30      Lunch/ Visit with Vendors ( Generously Sponsored by BD Biosciences and Cell Signalling Technology, Inc.)


13:30 -14:30     Cell Surface Changes Associated with Neoplastic Transformation, EMT and Invasion in Epithelial Cancers   

                           Albert D. Donnenberg, Ph.D.

                           Professor of Medicine

                           Director, UPMC Hematopoietic Stem Cell Laboratories

                            Director, UPCI Cytometry Facility 


14:30- 15:00      Afternoon Coffee Break ( Generously sponsored by Bio-Rad)


15:00-15:30        ­Flow sort to sequencing – a complete solution for single cell genomics

                            John Harrington, Ph.D.

                            Technical Application Scientist

                             BD Genomics


15:30-15:45         Veri-Cells™: Lyophilized Human Control Cells for Multi-color Flow Cytometry Assays

                            Yeong Sang Kim, Ph.D.

                             Technical Application Scientist



15:45-16:00       Taking Cytometry To Its Limits: Rare Event Analysis By Flow Cytometry

                          Ramiro Diz Ph.D., 

                           Applications Scientist

                           Thermo Fisher Scientific


16:00-16:15        Sony FX500 Exchangeable Fluidics Cell Sorter

                           Jeff Clapper

                           SONY Biotechnology          



16:15-16:30       Antibody innovations from backbone to fluor

                          Kevin Beck Ph.D.

                          Miltenyi Biotec


16:30-17:00      Understanding biological heterogeneity with mass cytometry

                         Michelle Poulin, PhD

                         Lead, Proteomics Field Applications

                         Fluidigm Corporation


17:00-18:00  Wine and cheese happy hour with Vendors ( Generously sponsored by FlowJo, LLC and Fluidigm)



Meeting is adjourned…..